We know that when you want to build a community, you have to lead by example. That’s why we’re partnering with local businesses, organizations and individuals to make The Hall a gathering place for all. Here are just a few of our friends to which we owe our thanks (and possibly a beer or two).

Valley Junction

Historic Valley Junction is the gathering place that is the heart and soul of West Des Moines—a delightful mix of old and new, bridging generations with unique shops, vibrant events and a walkable hometown feel. And we couldn’t be more proud to be part of this historic neighborhood.

Part of Valley Junction’s mission is to engage and connect the community. Sound familiar? We thought so, too. That’s why we chose this location to help build community through food, drink and conversation, as well as unique and fun events that bring people together.

To learn more about the rich history and fun events happening in the Junction, click here.

The Hall resides in a reclaimed railcar repair building in an historic neighborhood, which is extremely cool. So, as you might imagine, not just any furniture would do for this space. That’s why we asked the team at Guest House to bring just the right touch.

Guest House is a furniture and home goods retailer that makes shopping more comfortable. And they have a pretty unique business model. Instead of opening stores, they turn beautiful restaurants, coffee shops and Airbnbs into retail experiences.

The Hall partnered with Guest House to furnish the space with quality seating, tables and lighting. The best part? You can purchase any of the products you see at The Hall easily through their website at and they’ll be shipped right to your home. If you have questions about a piece, you can also email them at So grab a beer, have a seat and browse The Hall.

Insane Impact

What began as a friendly conversation over a beer (right?!) is now the largest LED screen in the state—and you’ll find it at the Hall thanks to our friends at Insane Impact in Urbandale. They’re modernizing the LED Video Screen industry around the world with one goal: to create an unforgettable experience for viewers. The team at Insane Impact works hard to make their client’s vision their vision and bring it to life, leaving the audience amazed.

And that’s exactly what they did for The Hall. The LED screens at The Hall are 6’6” tall x 46’ in length, providing nearly 300 sq. ft. of viewing pleasure—the largest indoor screen Iowa. (We’re pretty sure).

We can’t wait to display all the big games, Christmas movies and so much more for our customers. They’ll also be helping us out with outdoor events and other big screen surprises. Stay tuned!

Jeff Naples: Master Mixologist

We’re honored to have The Beard Behind the Bar at The Hall. Jeff brings a passion for mixology and gastronomy to his cocktail menus that tell a story and take customers out of their comfort zone to try unique and inviting pairings of artisanal spirits. Jeff creates exciting cocktails, ebullient atmospheres and original experiences in unlikely places.

A Des Moines native, Jeff traveled widely and helped open establishments from Iowa’s prairies to California’s coasts. Now, he’s returning to Des Moines, inspired to find new ways of growing farm fresh produce and incorporating it into an industry returning to localism.


When Nick and Lynn—the dynamic couple spearheading The Hall development— started thinking about ideas for the outdoor beer garden, Lynn knew just the company that could provide materials that were not only functional, but also beautiful. (After all, she’s a landscape architect by trade.) That’s why she chose to work with Unilock. Lynn had big ideas and Unilock delivered. In fact, with the pavers they provided, Lynn created two huge checkerboards—large enough for human checkers, chess and more.

For the past 40 years, Unilock has been committed to investing the future of landscape design. Today, they continue to lead the industry in style and technology. Like Unilock, The Hall believes an outdoor space should be designed to connect with your home or business. It should engage and connect people as well. And that’s what we’re all about.

So whether you want to enjoy acoustic music outside or challenge your friends to a game of human checkers, The Hall is the place to be thanks to Unilock.

Fontenelle Supply Co.

One of our fundamental principles at The Hall is supporting our local makers. That’s why we’ve partnered with the folks at Fontenelle Supply Co. here in Des Moines to create a selection of handmade items specifically for The Hall. Our drink runners, bar tenders, and wait staff can be seen sporting custom made aprons and leather wristlets, all made by our friends at Fontenelle Supply Co. Be sure to check back in periodically to see small-batch limited runs of more handmade products at our retail counter.

Eight Seven Central

We’ve partnered with Eight Seven Central to bring our dreams and concepts to life within The Hall. From our branding and identity, to the website you’re browsing now, each and every move was calculated and given purpose to leverage our past so we can embrace our future. The folks at Eight Seven Central have worked closely with makers, architects, and developers to instill a cohesion and consistency throughout all you will experience at The Hall.

Iowa Reclaimed Floors

Iowa Reclaimed is a female-owned business in Des Moines that sources quality reclaimed material from pre-1930s structures to assure the timeless beauty of reclaimed wood will be appreciated for generations to come. We specialize in reclaimed flooring, wall boards, weathered boards and beams, but also work on specialty projects too, like our collaboration at The Hall.

With The Foundry’s historic roots and the deep connection of trains in Valley Junction, we created tables, benches and the bar top out of Railroad Planks, the floors of old train cars that have criss-crossed the US. Working with local fabricators, steel made & melted in the USA and environmentally-friendly finishes, we are proud to see these reclaimed pieces live on in The Hall.