If you’d like to learn more about The Hall, or if you’d like to host an event or book a party, reach out to us today. As you know, we’re always open to conversation.

Important details related to large groups and private parties:

- We don’t have private rooms or private areas, but we do offer guaranteed seating for 20 or more people.
- Each table seats 20 and we have 12 tables total.
- To guarantee seats, there is a minimum amount that is required to be spent at our bar (beer, liquor, soda, etc.) based on the number of people, time and day of the week that your reservation is on. There is also an 18% gratuity added to your drink tab. This minimum bar tab does not include food.
- If you don’t think you will have a minimum of 20 people, you are welcome to come and find any empty tables that might be available. They are first come, first served.

Contact our events coordinator at for help with a reservation.

- Our bar is a full-service, retail bar and can accommodate just about anything (we have some pretty talented bartenders!).
- We do require a credit card when making a reservation.
- The minimum bar tab can be divided between a maximum of 2 credit cards.

- We do not allow outside food except for desserts.
- Food is available from food trucks that are scheduled at The Hall that day/night.
- The average cost of food is $8-$10 per person plus tax.
- The food can be paid on separate tabs or all on one tab. We have a cool app that each person can order from their phones, or you can go to the food truck counter and order.
- For larger groups on the same tab, we suggest going to the food counter with a credit card and we can assist each person with ordering. We also have had one main person from a group order multiple items and have them out on each of your tables for everyone to share.

Rent the Entire Place for a Private Event
- We do rent the entire space out, but limit it to a certain number of times per month.
- To guarantee the entire space, there is a minimum amount that you would be required to spend at the bar.
- In addition to the bar minimum, you will pay for whatever food you decided to order from the food trucks. All of the food trucks are caterers and we can accommodate just about any type of menu for your private event.
- Total seating capacity is 260 plus 15 bar stools inside and 140 seats out on the Beer Garden.
- For groups larger than 275 inside The Hall contact our events coordinator at