Food Trucks

You don’t have to find food trucks anymore—they just found you at The Hall. It’s the only place in town where you’ll choose from several rotating food trucks serving all your favorite mouth-watering street food. (Talk about bringing people together.)

Eclectic, delicious and fresh, the food at The Hall will satisfy your taste buds and spark conversations. Perhaps you’ll bond over Belgian fries? Or better yet, fall in love over pizza pies.

+ Don’t forget to check each truck’s menu since dishes change weekly +

August Food Truck Schedule

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Calendar of Events

Calendar of Events
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Taza Fresh & Big Red Food Truck

Hotsy Totsy and 515 Pi


Sunnyside Express & Deez Greenz


Curbin’ Cuisine & Roadside Tacos


Street Eats DSM & Deez Greenz


515 Pi, Deez Greenz, Sunnyside Express & Up in Smoke


Banh Me, Taza Fresh & Street Eats DSM (PM Only)


Deez Greenz & Banh ME


515 Pi & Hotsy Totsy


Big Red Food Truck & Taza Fresh


Deez Greenz & Street Eats DSM


Sunnyside Express, & Big Red Food Truck

Up in Smoke BBQ & Taza Fresh


Sunnyside Express, Deez Greenz & Big Red Food Truck


515 Pi, Curbin’ Cuisine, Korean BBQ & Up in Smoke BBQ


Street Eats DSM & Hotsy Totsy


Sunnyside Express & 515 Pi


Curbin’ Cuisine & Korean BBQ


Hotsy Totsy

Guest Restaurant Night – Heavenly Asian Cuisine

Taza Fresh & Up in Smoke BBQ


Big Red Food Truck

Big Red Food Truck, Taza Fresh, & Curbin’ Cuisine

Hotsy Totsy & Korean BBQ


Sunnyside Express, Deez Greenz, Taza Fresh & Hotsy Totsy


Up in Smoke BBQ & 515 Pi


Big Red Food Truck & Sunnyside Express


Deez Greenz & Street Eats DSM


Korean BBQ & Hotsy Totsy


515 Pi

515 Pi & Street Eats DSM


Curbin’ Cuisine & Korean BBQ

Curbin’ Cuisine, Korean BBQ & Deez Greenz


Bahn Mi, Taza Fresh, Up in Smoke BBQ & 515 Pi


Hotsy Totsy & Sunnyside Express


Curbin’ Cuisine & Big Red Food Truck


Taza Fresh & Up in Smoke BBQ


Big Red Food Truck & 515 Pi


Sunnyside Express

Sunnyside Express & Up in Smoke BBQ


Deez Greenz & Street Eats DSM

Deez Greenz, Street Eats DSM, Taza Fresh & Curbin’ Cuisine


Curbin’ Cuisine, Korean BBQ, Taza Grill & Sunnyside Express


515 Pi & Big Red Food Truck

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Get a taste of what foodies call “irrationally delicious pizza” from 515 Pi. Using hand pressed dough and the freshest ingredients, each inspired pizza is fired fast to order and served bubbling hot. Pizza Meister Brad Bormann was the first in the nation to put an 850 degree Woodstone oven in a truck. Why you ask - cuz they said it couldn't be done.

Banh Me


Kick your lunch up a notch with delicious dishes from Banh ME. From delectable Beef Brisket and Spring Rolls to Tasty Hawaiian char sui Chicken Tacos and healthy vegetarian options—Yum!

Big Red Food Truck


Whether you’re craving a mouth-watering Philly Chicken Cheese or their signature Pork Fusion—The Big Red Food Truck delivers great entrees with a side of free smiles.

Curbin’ Cuisine


Owners Jarrod and Misty believe “Food is essential to life. Therefore make it good!” That’s why every flavorful dish is handcrafted and made with all natural ingredients and gluten-free spice blends.

Deez Greenz

New American Pub Grub

Deez Greenz, led by Chef Oudone Koulavongsa, is back with its popular menu of gourmet burgers, sandwiches and salads. Simple twists on simple food creating unique and delicious pub fare. From the dressings to the brats to the Italian sausage, everything is house made daily in their commercial kitchen. Fresh is the name of the game on this truck. Stay tuned for Asian inspired twists on this iconic menu. Bon Appetite!

Hotsy Totsy


Another new addition to the Metro fleet, Hotsy Totsy is owned by Chef Shon Bruellman who has taken the humble tater tot and turned them into gourmet comfort food. Who doesn't like tots. Visit this truck and bring out your inner child.

Roadside Tacos

Mexican Street Food

Owned by Chef Grant Montour, Roadside Tacos is one of the most popular Mexican Street Food trucks in the Metro. Ingredients are fresh and servings are not small. From street tacos to the Giant Stuffed Burrito, he has something for everyone.

Street Eats DSM

Gourmet Stuffed Sammiches

Des Moines' original gourmet stuffed sammich truck brought to you by Chef Aaron Byrd who is well trained in a variety of cuisines. Fresh cut fries stuffed into the sammich is the common thread and the menu can range from cajun to Americana to Italian to eclectic. There are no limits on the culinary creativity on this iconic truck

Taza Mediterranean Grill


The newest truck in the Des Moines fleet and 2018 best in show at the Des Moines Social Club Food Truck Throwdown. Headed up by Chef Thaer Taha and serving fresh, healthy and AUTHENTIC Middle Eastern cuisine. Good old fashioned Arabic recipes for Falafel, Shawarma, Salads and more.

Up In Smoke BBQ


Restaurateur and Pit Master Brad Jones went mobile this year and is the newest addition to the team at The Hall. Smoking some of the best brisket, pulled pork and wings north of the Mason Dixon Line. All we can say is show up with an appetite and plan on taking some home.